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Criminal Law

Red Light and Speed Cameras

Many Sydney intersections are covered by cameras. Some are red light cameras. Others are red-light and speed cameras. The cameras have left many citizens confused with many wondering how they work and the legal outcome of being caught on camera. Read More

Heavy vehicle regulator declined my application

If you are involved in the trucking industry you will at some stage need to deal with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator in order to conduct your business. Since its creation, the Regulator is responsible for the regulation of many aspects of trucking law. Read More

Immigrating to the UK I have a criminal record

The UK requires people who want to enter and/or work in the UK to obtain an overseas criminal record certificate. This certificate must be from all countries that the applicant has lived in continuously for 12 months or more over the past 10 years. Read More

Dangerous and negligent driving

Have you ever failed to make way for a pedestrian? Or made a U-turn at a traffic light? These are minor driving errors that we are all guilty of at some stage of our driving careers. Unfortunately these minor driving mistakes can result in serious consequences. Accidents happen quickly. Read More

Guilty or not guilty plea

Most people are not familiar with the court process and the complexities of the legal system. As a result most people don’t fully understand the law and what defenses might be available to them in a criminal matter. Sometimes after receiving legal advice a person realizes that he/she entered the wrong plea. Read More

Driver fatigue diary mistakes

Yes, it is an offence in most Australian jurisdictions for truck drivers to make false or misleading entries in their work diaries. The rules around work diaries are complex and many law-abiding drivers worry that they may get in trouble for a genuine mistake. Read More

Driver fatigue offenses and work dairies

If you are involved in the trucking industry you know that driver fatigue laws and the work diary requirements are complex issues. It is easy to make mistakes and these mistakes can be very costly. A number of truck drivers believe they found a loophole to protect them from prosecution for driver fatigue and work diary offences. Read More

Traffic law myths trus or false

Many road users mistakenly believe that they can avoid the consequences of a traffic offence based on “hearsay wisdoms”. If you are charged with a traffic matter it is important to ensure that you know the truth from the myths. Relying on mistaken beliefs can have serious consequences. Read More

Drink Driving and PCAS

Can you rely on the drink driving guidelines published on government websites to avoid being over the prescribed concentration of alcohol levels? It seems that the answer is NO. Read More

Appearing in Court or before a Commission

If you have never appeared in a Court of law or in front of a Commission you might feel slightly anxious when you receive a summons to appear in Court or before a Commission. Read More

Preparing your defense

Techniques defense lawyers use to win your case. Sometimes simply arguing your case might not be sufficient to disprove the police evidence against you. Read More

Going to court to contest a traffic offence

Going to court to contest a traffic offence can be daunting, especially if it is your first encounter with the legal world. If you know what to expect and you understand the process ahead, it makes it much easier to navigate your way from the first court date until the end of your matter. Read More

Teen sex

The law deems teenagers under 16 years of age unable to give informed consent. Persons under the age of 16 years old are not mature enough to consent to a sexual relationship. Read More

Speeding fine what should I do

Speeding fine, are you innocent, or are you more worried about the amount of the fine? Maybe you are concerned about the demerit points, or you need a work licence? Read More

Police Questions

Generally, the police have the right to ask you questions, whether you are being arrested or not. In some situations you have the right to remain silent, Read More

Getting bail is more difficult in a Schedule 2 application

Schedule 2 of the Bail Act 1982 contains a list of serious offences. If you are arrested for allegedly committing a Schedule 2 serious offence whilst on bail for another serious offence, Read More

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