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Marketing helps you make money. It's that simple.

Marketing raises awareness so that people searching for legal information can find you before finding your competitor. So, What are the biggest challenges facing your legal practice today?

My name is Alan Weiss, and I understand the profession very well. I have invested 11 years learning how the legal system works from both a client, and lawyer perspective. I am also the marketing guest speaker at CPD FOR ME

  • Clients are becoming far more savvy - How to reach more clients
  • Understanding clients wants and needs across different segments
  • Competition is intensifying - Your competitors are reaching clients first
  • Finding time to manage your practice (earning money) and your marketing
  • You need to be using multiple marketing channels to reach clients at the different stages of the buyer's journey

Why Criminal Legal?

Criminal Legal website was developed exclusively for the criminal law fraternity. With over 2000 professionally written pages, with over 50 categories covering the major areas of criminal law, including violent crimes, drink driving and traffic law offences and is modified to comply with each state's legislation. A Criminal Legal membership is designed to complement and enhance your firm's position in the marketplace, while saving you thousands of dollars on your online marketing spending when you become a part of our exclusive group of criminal lawyers.

More than 1,700,000 users have turned to Criminal Legal for industry-leading information. It is our goal to ensure that our customers and consumers are always informed and that they are treated in a helpful, consistent and fair for Criminal, Drink Driving and traffic law topics.

Our approach builds on 11 years of careful research and hard work developing, refining and implementing innovative marketing initiatives.

Criminal lawyers Membership $1.20 A Day

We offer three membership packages that offer unprecedented exclusivity.

  • 1
    Membership is limited to one in every three law firms in each region for just $1.20 per day.
  • 2
    Custom membership increases the exclusivity to just two law firms in each region, if available.
  • 3
    CBD membership limited to just 4 law firms. (Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth)

Our Marketing Approach is Unique & Simple


Criminal Legal puts your name front and centre. Member lawyers are given a unique Criminal Legal web page which is plugged into surrounding suburb searches and the news media pages - and, importantly, all of these are indexed by Google. And at every stage, everything is back-linked to your web page.


Criminal Legal offers unique tools to showcase your firm, including the ability to upload your own videos allowing you to speak directly to potential clients in a way not available anywhere else.


Criminal Legal gives your firm the ability to market its expertise by publishing press releases articles on areas relevant to Criminal & Traffic law - all indexed on Google.


Your immediate area,your region and via postcode.

Criminal legal website is free of any banner ads. This get attracted away to content related adverts.

Our Founder

Alan Weiss Understand The Legal Prespective

Alan Weiss

Hello my name is Alan Weiss, I developed the Aussie Divorce system in 2005 to be the champion of consumers facing family and criminal law matters, and in 2011 expanded my services with websites that cater to Criminal and traffic law. Our network has grown to nearly 5000 indexed pages and more than 1.7 Million visitors.

After experiencing the legal system first hand as a client and then through the lawyers' perspective, I have invested almost a decade learning how the legal system works. I understand your business very well. I have attended hundreds of days of court hearings, and have spoken to hundreds of lawyers and members of the public across Australia. I have also appeared on a number of TV and radio programs.

Providing Answers for Consumers - Providing Marketing Solutions for Legal Practitioners

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