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A drug proceeds order is an order to pay money for the money derived from drug trafficking activity

A drug proceeds order is an order compelling an offender to pay money for the money derived from drug trafficking activity. This is obtained against a person found guilty of a drug trafficking offense.

In ascertaining whether a drug proceeds order should be issued, the court shall consider these factors: whether the defendant has derived any benefit in connection with drug trafficking at any time, the amount of money acquired by the defendant, if any, and the defendant’s financial capacity before and after the crime.

The court will assess the value of any such benefit and order the defendant to pay a penalty equal to the amount assessed. This penalty is considered a civil debt due by the defendant to the State. It is enforceable by a civil proceeding.

Drug Proceeds Order and Forfeiture Order

A drug proceeds order may be issued together with a forfeiture order. This is true if the proceeds of drug trafficking activity involve a property. In this case, the court will compute the penalty above less the value of the property forfeited.

However, an appropriate officer is allowed to appeal against the forfeiture order. He may also apply to the court for a variation of the order to increase the penalty to be paid by the defendant if he believes a higher penalty is appropriate in such circumstances.

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