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A prisoner gets out of jail “early” when he is granted parole

The idea of getting out of jail and returning home involves a lot of mixed emotions. The prisoner who has spent time away from his family will be experiencing happiness, excitement as well as fear, anxiety and even dread. Returning home can be challenging for both the prisoner and his family because there is fear on both sides that the person they have been waiting for may have changed.

It is not only the family that the prisoner has to face but also the community. Getting back to the social circle is not exactly what every prisoner wants immediately but this might not be easily understood by the family. Getting out of jail requires some adjustment on the part of the prisoner and the family. It is a blessing that there are post release programs in Australia that help prisoners integrate themselves back into the community. Some of these programs are:

  • Community Offender Services Programs that involve parole officers helping prisoners with issues like drug and alcohol addiction and anger management.
  • Community Restorative Centre that teach strategies in dealing with anxiety and anger. It also provides support services and referrals.
  • Pathways to Employment Education and Training.

Another way of helping the prisoner adjust back to life outside the prison is by availing of the day or weekend leave. The day or weekend leave are available to prisoners who are classified minimum security C3 (men) or Category 1 (women) and who must be:

  • Serving a sentence of six months or more;
  • A month or less away from having served half their sentence;
  • Within 18 months of release;
  • Free of dirty urines (meaning, prisoner is drug free) for six months.

A prisoner gets out of jail “early” when he is granted parole. Parole is when the prisoner has already served part of his sentence in jail and is allowed to serve the remainder of the sentence out of jail. Parole sets certain conditions which the prisoner must comply with such as having a stable residence and contact with a parole officer. The Community Offender Services Office of which the parole officer is attached provides programs that help the prisoner like finding employment for him, making referrals and such other programs that will keep him from going back to jail.

Recovering from a prison term is surely a long and difficult road, to say the least. However, with love and support from family and the community a prisoner getting out of jail may just be the catalyst for a bright future ahead.

Disclaimer : This article is just a summary of the subject matter being discussed and should not be regarded as a comprehensive legal advice for you to defend yourself alone. If you are charged with criminal offences, it is recommended that you seek legal assistance from criminal lawyers.

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