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Drink driving and speeding fines charged to a man on his way to pick up his kids at school.

Man was charged with drink driving and speeding while he was going to pick up his kids from school in Central-Western New South Wales, Australia. Police reported that the man was driving 20 kilometres per hour above the legal speed limit in the school zone in Lithgow.

When the local authorities instructed the man to pull over he almost crashed the police car. After an interview, he told the police that he was on his way to school to pick up his kids. Breathe Tester provided that he was positive with alcohol with blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.186. The police charged him with drink driving and speeding.

Speeding is considered to be one of the common sources of road incidents and fatalities in New South Wales. If a driver was detected by a police speed camera to be driving above the legal speed limit, the local authorities may ask him to pull over and inquire as to the cause of his over speeding. A Penalty notice may be issued if the driver is found to have violated any provisions of law and he may fines such as speeding fines and his license may get demerit points.

There are several penalties imposed by the law with regards to speeding and it all depends on the circumstances of each case. For example, if the driver is driving more than 30 kph his license may be suspended for 3 months, if he is caught to be driving above 45 kph, his licence suspension is increased to 6 months.

In addition to suspension and disqualification, demerit points are also imposed to the license holder record. If he exceeds his demerit point limit, additional penalties may be imposed. Speeding Fines ranges from $106 to $2,341 according to the latest schedule provided by law. The type of the vehicle is also a contributing factor to the severity of the imposed penalty. The heavier or bigger the vehicle is, the more severe penalty is enforced.

If the driver has previous traffic law violations the local authorities may file charges upon him and he will be required to appear before the court. The courts may impose penalties and disqualification for the offender after due hearing of his case.

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