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Special range PCA charges and the penalties imposed

A person who is found to be driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol will be booked for special range PCA (prescribed concentration of alcohol) if the alcohol in the blood is between 0.02 and 0.049.

If a person repeats the same crime for more than one time, then he will need to undergo the maximum penalty of disqualification of license, jail term and hefty fines. This article will brief you about the special range PCA charges and the penalties imposed for this severe crime in Australia.

Special range PCA Charge

A person who is involved in a zero alcohol limit or special alcohol limit crime when driving a motor vehicle will be charged with a special range PCA charge if he gets caught by the police. The police will use the breath analysis test in order to determine the amount of alcohol concentration in the offender’s blood and this will help the police to determine whether the person can be charged for special range PCA which falls between 0.02 and 0.049.

This offense will be levied on persons who have special licenses like P1 or P2 license or learners license. It also applies to taxi and bus drivers who have a limit of 0.02 for operating bus or taxi hire services. Drink driving is a serious offense and the severity of the crime will result in the outcome of punishment that you will have to face for driving under the intoxication of alcohol.

Special Range PCA Penalties

If you have been found guilty for drink driving charges under special range PCA , then you will be charged for 10 penalty units for the first offense and 20 penalty units for the second or subsequent offenses. The maximum fine that you will have to pay for the first offense as far as special range PCA charges are concerned is $1,100 and for the second or subsequent offenses, you will need to pay a fine of $2,200. The penalties for special range PCA does not end there. It also will lead to automatic license disqualification for a period of six months for the first offense.

This can be reduced by the court for a period of three months. For the second or subsequent offenses, the automatic license disqualification will be or a period of 12 months which can be sometimes reduced to a period of 6 months by court’s intervention.

Seek Lawyers Help To Reduce Penalties?

If the court finds its viable to reduce the automatic period of disqualification, then there has to be compelling and real reasons for allowing a person to keep his or her license and to prevent automatic disqualification of the license. So, you need to make sure that you hire a competent and experienced lawyer specialized in the special range PCA cases to fight your case in the court and to cancel the automatic disqualification of your license.

A good lawyer will provide you with the best chance to avoid a conviction or special range PCA charges or will help in reducing the time period that you are without your license. Criminal Lawyers Newcastle, Criminal lawyers Perth, Criminal Lawyers Parramatta, Criminal lawyers Bathurst  

Disclaimer : This article is just a summary of the subject matter being discussed and should not be regarded as a comprehensive legal advice for you to defend yourself alone. If you are charged with criminal offences, it is recommended that you seek legal assistance from criminal lawyers.

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