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Hooper Legal

Hooper Legal is a boutique law firm on the North Coast of NSW. We specialise in criminal law, traffic charges and civil rights claims:

Criminal law

  • drugs, assaults, firearms, home invasion, manslaughter, murder
  • bail, sentences, appeals, jury trials​
  • traffic charges
  • dui, pca, drink drive, drive with drug present
  • licence appeals, suspensions, speeding, dangerous driving, habitual offender declarations
  • civil rights claims
  • illegal searches
  • unlawful arrest and false imprisonment
  • police assaults
  • malicious prosecution
  • abuse of public office
  • legal aid: civil, general and serious crime

Our Team

  • Gary Hooper

    Expert Court Advocate In 2005, the NSW Law Society awarded our principal solicitor, Gary Hooper, with an accreditation in Advocacy.

    An accreditation is given by the Law Society so that the public can identify a solicitor who is an expert in a specialist field and it is only given if the solicitor can demonstrate a high degree of proficiency and experience in that field.

    ​Gary is the only solicitor on the North Coast of NSW to have received an accreditation in Advocacy. He appears almost daily in the Courts from Coffs Harbour to Tweed Heads and has been involved in some landmark criminal and civil litigation.

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