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Queensland Authorities confiscated a Large Haul of Firearms in Monto, Queensland, Australia

300 guns and four tonnes of ammunition were confiscated by the local authorities in Queensland after an extensive search of a property.

Three men were found hauling a huge cache of military weapon, ranging from automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles, and handguns. The property raided at Moonford surprised the police since it is considered to be one of the largest hauls of firearms and ammunitions that they have discovered.

The search was made in a joint effort from the Drug and Serious Crime Group’s Firearms Investigation Team and the Central Region Office. Australian Federal Police and Queensland Police Service Operations Support Command as well as the Stock and Rural Crime Investigation Squad and Wide Bay Burnett provided assistance in the search and identification of the seized firearms.

The three arrested persons were charged with unlawfully possession more than 10 firearms including Category C, D and R weapons. The authorities believed that most of the confiscated weapons are unlicensed firearms. It is considered to be illegal to possess automatic and high calibre weapons in Australia and the Police are baffled on how the three men came to possess such a large haul of weapons. Follow up investigation are still being made in this matter.

In Queensland, the law does not guarantee that a person has the right to private ownership of a gun. Only licensed gun owners may legally acquire, posses and/o transfer any firearm or ammunitions.

Weapon Offences are covered by the Weapons Act of 1990. Under Part 4 s50 of the said act, a person must not unlawfully possess a weapon. The penalty for unlawful possession of firearms ranges from 2 to 13 years imprisonment. However serious penalties are provided for violation of the Weapons Act if the offender is found out to possess 10 or more weapons, with at least 5 of which are categorized under Category D, E, H or R, a 13 year imprisonment can be laid down as a penalty.

Regulations and Registrations of Firearms are strictly monitored by the Australian Government. Licensed owners must have a genuine reason for their possession of their firearms. Any applicant thereto must comply and pass with different tests including a background check. Gun Trades and Trafficking must comply with stringent rules and regulations before it can be allowed by the Government.

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