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At Armstrong Legal our team is dedicated to the area of criminal law, you will not find them straying into any other practice areas.

Criminal law encompasses the areas of criminal law, traffic law and corporate crime.

Criminal law: as you would expect, we can provide you with guidance and assistance through all the usual steps in the process, from initial contact with the police, through investigations, interviews, negotiations, the charging process and the court process. Our team comprises solicitors who only practice in the area of criminal law, some of whom are accredited criminal law specialists, but all are committed to the process.

We listen to what you have to say, we don’t provide advice in generalities where specific guidance can be given, For instance, some lawyers will only ever advise you not to be interviewed by the police. This may not be the right advice for your matter.

Traffic law: we have extensive experience on licencing matters and the full gamut of traffic infringement offences as well as the more serious criminal traffic matters including police chases and deaths caused through driving offences. We also have broad experience with offending relating to professional drivers such as log book offences, weight, and dimension prosecutions and the chain of custody legislation.

Corporate crime: Our team members regularly attend the offices of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. We have experience with acting for employees, officers and directors of corporations. The process of a s.19 compulsory examination may appear to be a simple process – it is not: there are very specific rules that apply to such proceedings. Engaging on a compulsory examination requires a lawyer who is strong and robust and who knows the law. Our lawyers are well versed in these procedures and are able to assist.

Our Team

  • John Sutton National Director of Criminal Law

    John is the National Director of Criminal Law at Armstrong Legal and head of the Criminal Law Division. He was admitted to practice law in NSW in 1999 and prior to that had five years advocacy experience in the Local Court of NSW as a prosecutor.

    John is admitted to practice in the Supreme Courts of NSW and Victoria and the High Court of Australia, though he can appear in any jurisdiction as required

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