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The team at Kennedy Spanner Lawyers understand that any incident involving the Police is stressful. Our experienced lawyers are here to help you and guide you through any issues that you may have involving Police misconduct. Our lawyers know the Court system, and they can negotiate and advocate with the Police on your behalf.

It is always best to contact an experienced solicitor as quickly as possible after an offence has taken place. Police issues are best dealt with immediately in order to achieve the best result. Director Dean Spanner is experienced in dealing with the Police Service on behalf of clients and guiding them through the Court maze. He has a wealth of experience, which extends from simple traffic matters to superior Court jury trials.

Should you or a family member or friend find yourself in circumstances where you have been charged with an offence, the team at Kennedy Spanner Lawyers are here to help you and guide you through any outstanding issues.


We can assist with:

  • Drink/drug driving - Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol and blowing over the legal limit (0.05).
  • Dangerous driving - Driving offences that result in serious injury or death, including reckless or negligent driving.
  • Speeding offences - Committing a speeding offence inducing the loss of demerit points or licence.
  • Restricted work licence - A licence issued during a period of disqualification in which you must comply with specified conditions.
  • Hardship application - A licence issued under restrictions.
  • Unlicensed driving -  Driving without a legal licence.

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Our Team

  • Rachel Duckworth

    Ms Duckworth was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in Western Australia in February 2014. Since that time she has practised in numerous areas however her primary focus has been in criminal law.

    Ms Duckworth moved to QLD in November 2016 and has almost exclusively worked in criminal law work. Ms Duckworth has had experience in the following areas of criminal law:

    • Repeat Drink/ Drug/ Disqualified Driving
    • Burglary/ Break and Enter
    • Stealing as a Servant
    • Stealing/ Shoplifting
    • Assaults/ Aggravated Assaults/ Unlawful Wounding
    • Breach of Protection Orders
    • Breach of Bail/ Bail Applications
    • Arson
    • Criminal Property Damage
    • Respondent Domestic Violence matters
    • Robbery Offences
    • Weapons and Firearms Offences

  • Dean Spanner

    Dean has been a Director since 1999. His experience practising in criminal law matters dates back to the early 1990’s.

    Dean has worked with some of the most senior criminal Barristers in the State on a variety of serious charges dealt with in superior Courts. He advises all of his clients to consult him at the first sign of possible trouble with the Police. This enables the best possible strategy to be formulated at the optimum time.

  • Elizabeth Adams

    Elizabeth was admitted in 2005 as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland

    Elizabeth’s extensive experience includes having regularly appeared as a Duty Lawyer for 5 years. She has represented clients in complex criminal matters including sexual violence, dangerous driving and various other matters.

    Alleged breaches of Domestic Violence Laws, drink driving charges and traffic offences are areas of law in which she has practised extensively.

  • John Davis

    John began his career with Legal Aid, working in both criminal and family law. He then moved onto work on a number of class actions for a large national law firm.

    John then accepted the position of Associate to Justice Dean Mildren of the Northern Territory Supreme Court. It was in the Northern Territory that John’s passion for representing disadvantaged Australians truly developed. Twelve months of exposure to some of the worst social conditions in Australia forged John into a lawyer with a strong commitment to social justice and equality.

    John then returned to criminal law, where he strove to ensure that his clients were treated with dignity and respect, whilst still being provided with practical advice. John is a passionate advocate. In Court you can depend on John to work hard and achieve an excellent result for his clients.

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