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If you’ve been arrested or charged with a criminal or traffic offence, you need a lawyer as soon as possible.  But not just any lawyer. You need an experienced criminal or traffic lawyer.

Criminal and traffic lawyers have a high level of knowledge of their legal areas, which can be technical and complex.

Websters Lawyers offers a full range of criminal and traffic law services and our experienced lawyers know their stuff inside-out. They provide realistic advice, have great knowledge of likely bail and penalty outcomes and often run their own trials and appeals. This means that they know every tiny detail about their clients’ issues because they work on each matter from start to finish.  

Websters’ criminal and traffic lawyers include former prosecutors who know the court system and are experienced in all criminal defence issues. 

On many occasions, our success in defending cases has been as a result of early investigation and evidence gathering. When police tell you that you are going to be reported, the sooner you act the better. This means contacting a lawyer as soon as possible, even if you haven’t yet received a summons to appear in court.

Criminal and traffic charges often impact upon many other legal issues including matrimonial disputes, children’s issues and compensation claims. Having a team of lawyers practising in all major areas ensures that we can advise and assist you on all your matters.

Our experienced lawyers can represent you in all South Australian Courts including suburban Magistrates Courts.

When you are facing criminal or traffic charges you need to be absolutely sure that you have a lawyer who not only has the knowledge and skills you require, but will also provide the level of service you expect. That’s why Websters Lawyers offers you the chance to have a free first interview with one of our lawyers in Adelaide CBD, Ridgehaven or Smithfield.  

Need to know more? Click here to find out how we helped to acquit a client of speeding charges - a landmark decision that called into question the validity of thousands of speeding fines in South Australia. 

We provide advice on a range of criminal law and related matters, for example:

  • Assaults / Violence Offences
  • Coroners Act
  • Domestic Violence Offences
  • Driving - Other Traffic Offences
  • Fraud / Dishonesty / Theft Offences
  • Murder / Manslaughter Offences
  • Other Criminal Offences
  • Public Order Offences
  • Sexual Offences
  • Firearm Offences
  • Practice and Procedure
  • Workplace Offences
  • OH&S Offences
  • Your Rights
  • Commonwealth Offences
  • Crime Commissions & Confiscation Of Proceeds
  • Driving - Drink Driving Offences
  • Drug Charges
  • Marine Safety Offences
  • Other (Inc. Computer Offences
  • Perjury Offences
  • Robbery Offences
  • Weapons Offences
  • Sentencing
  • Bail
  • Tax Offences
  • Evidence

Our Team

  • Ken Gluche

    Ken is Firm Principal of Websters Lawyers.

    These days, Ken is responsible for overseeing the firm’s busy and diverse practice, but that hasn’t always been the case.

    Ken is a former police officer and police prosecutor. After deciding to become a lawyer, he moved into private legal practice, working mainly in criminal law, personal injury, workers compensation and fraud.

    His skills as a legal counsel were refined during this time, and Ken earned himself a reputation as an outstanding technician and strategist in defending criminal law cases.

  • Naomi Hill


    Naomi practises in all aspects of criminal and traffic law.

    For further information:

  • Marwa Shabbar


    Marwa practises in all aspects of criminal law, including domestic violence issues. She is an experienced advocate for marginalised youth.

    In addition to English, she also speaks Arabic and Farsi.

    For further information:

  • Jake Woolford


    Jake practises in all aspects of criminal law.

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