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Study shows that girls are more likely to be victims of abuse, violence and trauma

The Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) conducted a survey among 1000 young people with ages ranging from 9 to 25.

They found out that around 61 per cent of the young women have experienced abuse, violence and Trauma. And in order for them to escape and block the emotional pain they are more prone to self harm in the form of excessive alcohol intake and illegal drug use. Compared to the 31 per cent of the young men who suffered the same, these young girls are more prone to suffer the devastating effect of domestic violence offences.

Being a victim or just mere exposure to Family Violence is the worse condition for growing children. Their growth are usually hampered by abuse and its generally detrimental to development as a person. That is why the Australian Government have been implementing the appropriate legislations to cover the protection and support of the Children in cases of family disputes most especially in those cases involving Family Violence.

The Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (Vic) is considered to be the Principal Legislation in the Domestic Violence Offences in Victoria, Australia. The law aims to protect the family members, especially the children, against Domestic Abuse and Violence. Its objectives are to: maximise the safety of the children and adults against family violence; prevent and reduce domestic violence offences to the greatest extent; and to promote the accountability and liability of the offenders for their actions.

Family Violence is defined under the Act s5(1) as any behaviour of a person towards the family member of that person that can be either: a physical or sexual abuse; emotional or psychological abuse; economical abuse; threat; or coercive in nature. These behaviours must be made in a controlling or dominating nature so as to cause fear or feel of fear for the safety and wellbeing of the family members. Family Violence is also committed if the behaviour of the offender caused a child to witness or hear or otherwise be exposed to the effects of the abuse.

In line with this, mere abandonment and neglect of the child on the part of the parent constitute Family Violence. While it is considered to be non-violent, this type of Family Violence is considered to be the worse since the child is denied of the proper rearing and support that is due to him under the law.

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