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Imprisonment is the most severe sentencing order available in Victoria

Imprisonment is the most severe sentencing order available in Victoria. An offender’s freedom is restricted by confining them in prison. The law relating to imprisonment is contained in sections 9–18P of the Sentencing Act 1991

An indefinite sentence can be imposed if a court believes that the offender is a serious danger to society. This may be the case for serious violent or sexual offenders.

Once an indefinite sentence has been given, it is the court, rather than the Adult Parole Board, that decides whether release is appropriate. Release is only granted if the court finds that the offender is no longer a danger to the community.

Life Imprisonment

In Victoria, only the Supreme Court can impose a life sentence. A term of ‘life’ means for the term of an offender’s natural life. However, the court must fix a non-parole period for any sentence of two years or more, unless it considers that the nature of the offence or the past history of the offender makes it inappropriate to fix a non-parole period. If a non-parole period is not set for a life sentence, the offender will remain in prison for their whole life.

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