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A Man was twice arrested by Police for a Driving Accident. The victim’s body is still missing according to reports.

A 24 year old man was arrested after the disappearance of a teenage girl on her way to school in Boronia. The local authorities did not file any charges on him and he was released “pending further investigion”. However the same man was re-arrested again by the Police after their investigation. Yet again he was released without any charges being filed.

It was reported that the arrested man had confessed that he was involved in a driving accident when his car hit the missing girl while he was driving on the morning that she disappeared. He further admits that he got rid of the body at a local reserve in Old Joe’s Creek.

When the police conducted a search operation, they did not find any body on the vicinity. Up until now, the parents of the girl are hopeful that their daughter is still alive and the police homicide squad detectives are still considering other angles with regards to the disappearance of the teenage girl.

According to the Road Safety Act in Victoria, Australia, Drivers who fail to stop and help any injured person in a driving accident may face up to ten years of imprisonment penalty. According to the Minister for Transport, “Leaving the scene of the accident where someone is killed or seriously injured is a despicable act and one that is not tolerated by the Victorian Community”. Under the new amendment to the Traffic Law, stringent penalties will be applied to drivers and motorist who leaves the accident scene after a driving accident. Drivers involved in an accident should do the right and stop and offer assistance to the victims involved.

In this case, the driver who dumped the body at a local reserve will face serious charges for abandoning his victim and worse, by concealing the body of the crime. His act consists of deliberate and intentional cover up of the crime to avoid liabilities. Once the police has ruled out other possible perspective of what happened to the missing girl, the arrested driver may be charged for hit and run and other criminal liability for concealing his crime.

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