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Speeding fines will be imposed to low level speeding offences in Victoria.

Road Police are now on a look out for low level speeding offences. They said that travelling just above the speed limited should be considered as unacceptable as drink driving. Low level speeding fines will be imposed and strict implementation of their traffic operation will be imposed.

Authorities are on a campaign to change the attitude of drivers and motorist in order to prevent and minimize road accidents.

It was reported that every year 15 deaths and 300 serious injuries on the road are caused by over speeding. According to their study, this can be prevented and minimized if the motorist follows the speed limit and cut their speed by 1 km/h. Furthermore, the local authorities claim that low level speeding is as dangerous as high level speeding. Even just a slight over speeding can result to serious injuries and accident.

The Road Police is expecting to have an increase in the issuance of low level speeding infringements to speeding offenders. An appropriate speeding fine will also be imposed to motorist and drivers who are caught over speeding. A fine of $180 AUD and 1 demerit point will be imposed to those who exceeded the speed limit by less than 10 km/h. It will increase to $289 and 3 demerit points if the driver goes above 10-15 km/h.

Victoria’s law on traffic enforcement incorporates the use of infringement notices in order to deal with offences without the need to go to the court. Under this system, a law enforcer may issue an appropriate infringement notice to those persons who are caught violating traffic rules and road safety regulations. The offender has several options in addressing this infringement notice which are:

  • Paying the fine imposed (the offender may also apply for payment by instalment if the fine is too big);
  • Request a review;
  • Submit another driver;
  • Submit that the motor vehicle and/or registration plate were stolen;
  • Submit that the vehicle itself was stolen;
  • Submit that the identity of the driver cannot be established well;
  • Decide to go to the Court.

If the offender chooses to pay the speeding fine outright he may do so through the use of the internet by visiting He may also pay by sending a cheque or money order with payment slip to Civic Compliance Victoria, GPO Box 2041, Melbourne VIC 3001. Payment through their phone, 1300 735 124, is also available but a Visa or MasterCard is required to make payment.

The driver who received an infringement notice may apply for an internal review of the offence. He can file his application at any time before the offence is lodged in the Infringements Court. Only one application will be entertained by the court for a single count of infringement offence. In this case, the Police conducting the review may: confirm the issuance of the infringement notice; withdraw the said notice; withdraw the notice but issue a warning; or withdraw the notice and refer the case before the court.

In cases where the infringement notice were received by the owner in his home, he may file a contest against such notice and claim that he is not the driver when the accident/violation happened and he may nominate that another person is responsible for it. The same principle applies if the vehicle was stolen or sold to another person.

If all else fails, the offender may choose to ask the assistance of the court in order to contest the issuance of the infringement notice and to settle the payment of his speeding fines.

Disclaimer : This article is just a summary of the subject matter being discussed and should not be regarded as a comprehensive legal advice for you to defend yourself alone. If you are charged with criminal offences, it is recommended that you seek legal assistance from criminal lawyers.

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