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Being charged with a criminal offence is often a horrible experience, and one you shouldn’t have to endure alone.

Navigating complex evidence rules, court applications and procedures and trying to defend yourself is daunting at the best of times, let alone when you are in a vulnerable position after being charged.

Melbourne Layers & Mediators are here to listen. We have extensive criminal law and court experience and understand that there are often multiple needs of clients in this situation. We offer a compassionate, efficient and holistic approach to matters involving criminal charges, including liaising with support services to help our clients ‘get back on track.’

We brief barristers in some criminal matters. Our barristers are hand-picked from the various lists because they are the best at what they do. We have established strong relationships with counsel based on mutual respect and trust. We do not risk people’s future by engaging barristers we haven’t used before.

If you’re facing criminal charges or have other needs within the criminal justice jurisdiction, come and talk to one of our experienced and understanding lawyers. They’ll be able to help you out with driving and vehicle offences, assault, theft, breach of orders, drugs, sexual assault, robbery and homicide offences.

We can handle all areas of criminal law, including:

  1. Traffic and Vehicle Offences – e.g. careless driving, driving while disqualified/suspending, drink driving
  2. Charges Involving Injuries to Persons – e.g. assault, cause of serious injury, murder, attempted murder
  3. Breaches of Intervention Orders
  4. Drug Offences – including use, possession, cultivation or dealing in illicit drugs
  5. Property Damage
  6. Theft – theft from premises, theft from person (robbery), blackmail, extortion

Worried about the likely penalty? Ready to get some common sense legal advice?

Contact us to talk to one of our traffic or criminal defense lawyers.

Our Team

  • Meryem Apak

    Principal Barrister and Solicitor

    Meryem Apak is the founder of Melbourne Lawyers and Mediators and is the Principle Barrister and Solicitor. After extensive legal experience, in Australia and Internationally, Meryem has made a conscious decision to return to Broadmeadows, where she commenced her legal career years ago. She is a passionate advocate in court and enjoys an excellent rapport with her clients.

    Meryem was called to the Victorian Bar in 2004 where she continued her career as a Barrister, accepting briefs in the areas of Criminal Law, Family Violence/Intervention Orders, Children’s Court and Family Court.

  • Liz Kefford

    Liz is a lawyer committed to family, migration, personal injury , wills disputes and criminal matters. She takes the time to thoroughly investigate all legal options available to her clients and is nurturing and caring, especially for people in vulnerable or highly emotional situations.

    As a mother and a member of this vibrant community, Liz’s local knowledge is an asset to her practice areas, and helps her understand clients needs.

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