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Methylamphetamine is one of the illicit drugs prohibited in Australia

Said set ups were installed for the purpose of creating a Methylamphetamine, a dangerous drug.

The method use in manufacturing this illicit drug in through a “shake and bake” method, which involves the process of mixing together several household chemicals in a single container like a liter soft drink bottle.

Methylamphetamine is one of the illicit drugs prohibited in Australia and anyone caught in possession of this will be criminally charged. It is considered also as one of the dangerous drugs because of the process involved in creating it. There is a possibility of explosion due to the mixture of different household chemicals, which may claim lives and properties not only in the one drug set up premises but also to its neighboring areas. The explosion will also bring danger to the health especially for the respiratory system and skin which can cause a permanent or long term injury.

Methylamphetamine is also commonly known as meth, speed or crystal ice and is illegally manufactured in household made laboratories in Australia. The increase use of this illicit drug worries the Western Australian authorities. The reason for the increase is on the availability of this drug in the state which is supplied between interstate or manufactured in large laboratories that are controlled by organized crime networks.

This drug entered Australia in 1997 when a large shipment of Chinese new age drug was discovered in Melbourne. In the chronology of events that followed years after this drug first entered Australia, the main supply came from the Asian countries like Hongkong, China and Cambodia.

In Western Australia, the drug of choice now among drug users is the Methylamphetamine. This is due to the increase in purity of this drug and the weak batches of the other alternative drugs that Methylamphetamine is on the rise in the state. Although there was no evidence of large scale manufacture of this drug in Western Australia, the police authorities believed that the large supply coming in were being smuggled in Australia and then brought into Western Australia from the eastern states via planes, trucks and cars.

Authorities attributed also the entry of this drug to Western Australia to the increasing number of chartered flights from the interstate directly to the isolated mine sites giving the drug importers greater possibility of smuggling this drug to the state.

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